Proven track record with nearly every technology at the micro, mini and mainframe levels. Experience and success are key.

Virtually every facet of Information Technology and Services:

• Tiered Support
• Web Presence
• Installation & Implementation
• Systems Management
• Analysis
• Application Development
• Database Administration
• Security
• Disaster Planning & Recovery
• Executive Leadership

Companies of all sizes and in all stages of the business life-cycle:

• Fortune 100 (Unocal)
• Publicly Traded (MicroTherapeutics, Opus)
• Venture-Funded Startups (Genyx Medical, MicroVention, TherOx)
• Privately Held (Oncotech, Pacific Technology Solutions)
• Small Businesses

Wide-Ranging Industry Support:

• Finance & Insurance (Railroad Savings Bank, Frontier International)
• Petroleum Products (Unocal)
• Sales & Distribution (West-Tech Materials)
• Medical Devices (WaveTec Vision Systems, Visiogen, Alsius, TherOx, Opus)
• Pharmaceuticals (Vitreoretinal)
• Medical Services (Princeton Medical Group)
• Medical Laboratory (Oncotech)
• Consumer Electronics (Momentum Data Systems)
• Regulatory & Clinical Services (Statserv Consulting, ClinReg)
• Construction Services (Endless Communications)
• Retail, Hospitality, Professional Services, Boutique Products

Information Technology and Service since 1985. Servicing SMB since 1997.